Don’t Lose The Human Touch For Technology


We are surrounded by machines. They are supposed to make our lives easier and convenient, so we can have more time. But the irony of technological advancement in comparison to our time, we have lesser time ever before. People complain about how limited time is. The machines are not the problem, we are.

Set a No-Phone Time

phoneAccording to studies, our generation has the worst case of phone addiction. We are all addicted to our phones. We cannot leave the house knowing that we have no phone with us. We have to make sure that we have extra batteries to keep our phone running. We are addicted, and we have to face the problem. Set a no-phone time. Secure this time to let your mind rest and wander. Spend it with the best people in your life. There are other things that you can do productively without you scrolling endlessly on your phone.

Don’t Touch Your Phone First Thing in the Morning

If you use your phone as an alarm clock, it’s time that you buy a new alarm clock. Checking your phone every morning sets the phase of your day. Every morning, instead of checking your phone, take the time to appreciate the blessings and beauty of life. It’s easy to get caught in a stressful race of man-made system. Get out of the system. Live your life.

Download Apps (Time Management and Productivity)

If you constantly gasping for time, you have a problem with time management. There are many distractions around us, and one of the biggest of them is our phone. By downloading apps that tell you how much time you already spent on browsing sometimes helps. It creates awareness in us. Sometimes, what we need is to know how much time is wasted to get back to our senses.


Sometimes Skip Taking Pictures

The greatest adventures are the uncaptured ones. Those are the moments when we are spontaneous, just living the moment and enjoying every second of it. So, the next time you are with your special someone, try to capture every moment by your heart and mind.