Secure Your Online Messages


Security is a big topic nowadays. We have heard about those stolen identities and other fraudulent activities. There is no denying about the potential risks of doing activities online. But there are secured ways to avoid unauthorized access and other security concerns you may have.

Set a Strong Passwordpassword

When you are setting up a password, don’t use your birthday and other obvious combinations that are easy to crack. Think of a phrase with special characters and numbers. The strength of your password has a big factor in the security of your messages. It’s okay to take your time in coming up for a strong password that you can remember.

Activate Device Tracker

Online messaging apps have device tracker. The app will tell you which device accessed your account. If there is an access log that you don’t recognize, device tracker can also block the device immediately. You can also set a second verification process that whenever an unrecognized device tries to access your account, you will still have to enter the authorization code. Activating device tracker features can eliminate unauthorized access once and for all.

Don’t Make Your Information Set to Public

Every online messaging app requires us to create a portfolio. It is the same form you normally encounter when you build a website. But along with the portfolio creation is our preference to hide our information. As much as possible don’t put information on those fields that are not required. After you complete filling out the portfolio, set the account to private. This way, no strangers would find your account unless they are connected to you.

Don’t Give Out Personal Information

shareWhen you are active in online chatting, you will meet many people. The number one rule is not to trust right away. If the other person is asking for sensitive information that he or she can use to hack your online accounts, block him or her right away. Giving them your information is like opening the gate to a pack of wolves. They will leave your online bank accounts dry.