The Evolution of Human Communication Tools

Everything is changing. Our communication has evolved; we can reach people all over the world with just a simple tap of a finger. The progression of the tools we use to communicate started in a slow phase but now, everything is progressing fast.

cave wall painting

Symbols and Carvings

Back in 30,000 BC, people don’t know how to write, so they have their way of communicating through symbols. They used caves as their canvass. On the cave walls, they draw their story. The discovery of some cave paintings in the world has helped historians put pieces together about our past.

Fly Pigeon Fly

pigeon messengerIn 1150, people called birds for help in delivering their short messages. It’s quite odd how the birds knew where to go and who to deliver the message. The idea of using pigeons as carriers were based on their behavior. Pigeons only fly home. No matter how far they are from home, they will come back. During world war 1, pigeons were used to carry messages from one base to another.

The First Ring Ring

Alexander Graham Bell was the most credited contributor of the first telephone. He invented the telephone with the idea of transmitting signals through copper wires. His partner was the one who did the thinking and pushed for the idea, but Alexander was the one who did major executions. After the invention of the first telephone, there was a sudden change in communication tools. We began to realize the convenience of technology and its unlimited possibilities.


Portable Phones and CellPhones

There was slow progress, but after the portable phones were developed, things escalated quickly. Motorola first released their hand-held portable phone followed by other major companies. After portable phones, we transferred to cellphones. We learned to play with signals and built cell sites. We learned where to buy traffic for website and make communication easier.

Social Media and Apps

social mediaIn today’s modern world, people rely on the internet on pretty much everything. They use social media to influence and share their thoughts. Cell phones are being replaced by smartphones. We now rely on apps to do our calls and other means of communication. There will be more innovations. All we can do is brace ourselves.