Conversational Commerce and What’s In It For You

Leading commerce companies have to deal with ever-changing customers’ behavior in buying. According to buy alexa traffic rank, customers spend a good amount of time reading reviews before making a purchase which brings additional effort required for companies in maintaining a good reputation online. It paved the way for conversational commerce to come into the light.


What is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce is the process of communication between a customer and a company through chatbots, messenger, and social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram embed code generator, snap chat, and more. By connecting through the said sources, customers can save time, get answers to their inquiries, and make real-time feedback on a transaction.

Why Is It Relevant?

● There are billions of users of social media. That number allows start-up companies to get a percentage of the market and grow traffic to blog. This also means the convenience of the customers in terms of connecting to the companies they have transacted with or will have a transaction with.

● 45% of millennials are using digital assistants to research a product before making a purchase.

● When a customer spends time engaging positively on a company’s social media platform and chat sources, most likely, he or she is willing to spend more on the items you sell. Always take care of these kinds of customers.

What’s in It for You?

instagramReduce Negative Reviews or Prevent Them from Becoming a Problem

Conversational commerce was designed to eliminate bad reviews by solving customers’ issue directly. It just recently evolved into a more complex business process, but it was all about real-time communication. The whole point of conversational commerce is to bring engagement between customers and companies with the desire to build a better business relationship and not like when you buy traffic from traffic sites that could just be bots.

Reduce Abandoned Cart – Boost Your Sale

Abandoned carts are lost sales, but with the right approach, they can be recovered. Most online companies spend effort in recovering those abandoned carts by directly contacting the customer by chat. They also embed flickr slideshow on their website to accommodate incoming chats efficiently. The goal is to answer all the customer’s question to bring them into buying. It helps in winning against what we call “buyer’s hesitation time frame”. As the customer park the idea in their head, the lesser chance they will take action about it. Online companies have 2 hours to convince the customer, otherwise, they will lose the sale.

Lead Generation Potential

Conversational commerce also creates another source of lead generation. Indirectly, an online company can make a sale through the use of its database of customers’ email addresses. The sky is the limit. A company may use this information to create targeted marketing campaigns, buy traffic, and discover high-converting personalization techniques.