About Us

Communication and Technology Specialists

Msg Plus Live specializes in online communication tools and technology. The development of Windows Live Messenger created a new paradigm of ideas and concepts that will shape the way we communicate. Msg Plus Live develops useful and radical tools to help people communicate better online. The world is changing. It is becoming smaller and smaller as we move to an advanced age. Our goal is to be the first in this area by collaborating with talented conceptualists and developers.

Innovative Communication Software Development

Software is not just about sets of codes that give the command, appoint functions, and a bunch of buttons. The software should solve a need that aims to make the users’ life easier and more convenient. Msg Plus Live is bringing a new approach to communication software development allowing developers to show their talents and skills in programming. We aim to bring flexible software, algorithms that can solve complex problems, and inspire new developers to bring their A-game in their respective fields.

Tutorials and Reviews

We understand that using new software will require learning. It’s good to know the basics, but if we want to maximize the functionality of a software, we have to go beyond the basics. Msg Plus Live also creates tutorials and reviews for worthy apps. Our website visitors will enjoy great recommendations of what software and apps to use. All reviews are honest and full of knowledge.