1. Download the Windows Live Messenger Extension exe.
2. Authorize the exe to be installed in your computer.
3. Agree with the terms of service.
4. Wait for the full installation and follow the tutorial mode.

Windows Live Messenger Extension is an online communication tool that provides multiple functionalities to its users that can’t be found on other apps. It has security features to protect you from phishing of information. But the rest of the security factors will depend on you and how you use the app.

Windows Live Messenger Extension is created for the personal use of the programmer who coded it. He just wanted to have online software that does it all for him. There is no catch or hidden agenda

By default, Facebook is already added as a plugin. Click on the Facebook icon. It will later prompt you to authorize the login. Once you logged in to your Facebook account, go to settings, and allow Windows Live Messenger Extension.

The limit is 20 accounts in multiple tabs. If you’ll be needing more than that, you can modify the app settings and increase the limit.

You can search online for updates. But if you don’t want to do that every time the app has an update, go to settings, and set the permission to auto-update.